Location : Amman , Jordan
Year : 2011
Area : 3000 Sq m

The site’s versatile virtues have furnished unique opportunities for a design statement in order to capture the essence of the place and its strong village-architecture context, historical richness and splendid views from its cliff formation that overlooks the remarkable cities of Al Quds (Jerusalem) and Ariha (Jericho). With its linear formation, the design emphasized the visual connection with the historical valley nearby and at the same time, created a village-cluster scale of the house that decomposed the grandiose scale of the project of 3,500 m2 into its rural scale of massing, and catered for a well blend with the outdoor environment and the surrounding landscape with its peculiar micro-environment.The village approach, which was the base of the concept, has been derived from the Jordanian hilly countryside- and rural traditions.

Design Process