Location : Al-Muharaq, Bahrain
Year : 2010

The project objective is to renovate and revitalize the city of Al Muharraq, historically used to be known for its us famous pearl.The urban area is served via parking nodes that are juxtaposed to public bus transportation hubs which make the starting journey of visitors. Such journey forms the experimental memory throughout the traditional city with its historically rich visual contents comprising architectural element and urban spaces. Such images get into a fading mood when experiencing the modern larger urban life in the background. The urban design study covered the level of intervention needed for the individual building/ places in order to restore the traditional image of the place/ street.The design approach synthesizes the progressive mental evaluation and reevaluation of the urban environment with a bipolar constructive system: pedestrian vs. vehicular, spiritual vs. Secular/commercial, and locals vs. visitors. At the same time, urban open spaces- plazas were incorporated to provide places for communing and celebration, placed in a pattern of 150m spacing. The pedestrians have the opportunity to commute in a convenient and scenic experience through a sequence of designed pedestrian walkways and plazas. The pedestrian network was integrated with the bus transportation system for long journeys. Investing in promoting the use of the terminals would result in value appreciation of the surrounding properties. The pedestrian journey was enriched with additional circulation spines starting from the main route, which allow for several duration and cultural scenery options to choose from. These 10 minutes long secondary routes connect the old city of Al Muharraq with the sea side historical Pearl Harbor.