Location : Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE
Year : 2011

Students were grouped into 11 projects’ groups. They were exposed to examine their sense of surrounding and enhance their precision to propose reasonably realistic solutions to the existing conflicts generated in a growing developing city utilizing the groups’ socio-economic analysis. Each group selected a site based on the findings of the existing deficiencies in Ajmans developing urban fabric. Subsequently, each student had to produce a visual portfolio of design accomplishments that describe the student’s relationship with the world and architecture. Moreover, the students were to develop the ability to represent conceptual ideas in a visual form demonstrating wider understanding of the design process within the larger framework of wider discourses

This workshop provided the students with a platform of freedom of expression to explore their inner abilities & aspirations. Student’s dreams and imaginations were stimulated to get what the students want really to build from within. The students, therefore, were given the chance to expound their tactical sense by making virtual decisions on how to develop their sites taking into account the logistical implications that may undermine the existing urban fabric